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ICERT have worldwide affiliate chapters are made up of members from education and distance learning fraternity. They are involved in a variety of activities, from networking opportunities to affiliation and accreditation process and social events. Our chapter volunteers are invaluable in assisting their local communities and supporting the Schools, Educational Institutions, Organizations, Faculties, Researchers, Individuals and students for their educational development. Being involved with your local chapter is a great way to meet reginal educational fraternity people and make new contacts.  

You are welcome to contact the chapter leaders using the email addresses below. Please note the emails provided on this page are direct contacts for the chapters. If you have a question for ICERT or would like to update your contact details, please email: member@lcert.us

Find your Local Chapter

Start a Chapter

Members chapters are categorised according to Country and are led by a nominated Advisory board members from the members community.  Chapter Board members take the lead in communicating with members in their respective country local area and organizing events, with support from the Members Office.

Ambassadors for the School, Institutions and Organizations

Our alumni chapters act as ambassadors for ICERT. Chapter volunteers provide advice to prospective members who are interested to become part of ICERT. Chapters also provide ICERT with support in learners recruitment activities. Chapter volunteers offer informal careers advice to current learners and alumni. Chapter members can also act as ambassadors within their organisations for the School, Institute and Universities when job vacancies arise.

Organising Events

Our chapter volunteers organise social, academic and professional networking events, which are open to members, alumni, learners and ICERT staff.

Support from the Alumni Relations Office

We really appreciate the time that our volunteers dedicate to leading our alumni chapters. Although we are unable to provide financial support to our chapters, we offer support in other ways.

We assist in the promotion of chapter events and provide event registration support via the Alumni Events page.

We connect alumni chapters with prospective students, current students and fellow alumni from all over the world. We also encourage all alumni to sign up to our online alumni community, which allows them to look up and contact other alumni who are part of the network.

If you are interested in starting an member or alumni chapter in your country or region, please contact us at members@lcert.us

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